Welcome to Bailey Care Homes, Inc!  

The mission of Bailey Care Homes is to provide the highest quality of life for people
with developmental disabilities through superior care, optimum home environment
and greatest variety of recreational and vocational opportunities.

Bailey Care Homes, Inc. is
the trusted resource for people with developmental
disabilities where they can grow, thrive and shine.
Our Homes

Bailey Care Homes, Inc. owns and is licensed to operate three ICF/DD-H homes, two  
in Los Angeles and one in Glendora, California.  These locations, Bailey Care #1, #2
and #7, are each home to six individuals with developmental disabilities.  These
residences are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the people with developmental
disabilities.  Our residents can range in age from 18-59 years and be ambulatory or
non-ambulatory.  Their needs and skills may vary from requiring total care to being

These homes are equipped with ramps, wide doorways and round-the-clock staff.  
Residents are usually clients of the Regional Center and meet their criteria for

Services offered at these homes include:

Occupational Therapy
Recreational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy
Psychology/Psychiatric Services
Bailey Care Home #3 is a 4-bed Adult Residential Facility in Pasadena, California.  This home also is also equipped with ramps, widened doorways and 24-hour
staffing.  Bailey Care Home #4 is also a 4-bed Adult Residential Facility.  The home is
located in Downey, California and specializes in care for persons with developmental
disabilities who are hearing impaired.  We are the first home in the state to offer this
specialized service.
The best and
most beautiful
things in the
world cannot
be seen or
even touched.
They must be
felt within the

- Helen         
Bailey Care Homes, Inc.
"A Great Place to Live!"
Our Program

Each home is contracted with a Registered Nurse who is responsible for evaluating
residents and monitoring any health concerns.  These homes also have an
Administrator and/or Qualified Mental Retardation Professional (QMRP) who is on-site
and/or on-call.  This person oversees the management of the home and is
responsible for any issues that arise.  The Administrator will also handle the on-going
training of staff.

Active treatment and normalization are important aspects of the daily program at
Bailey Care Homes.  All staff are trained on how to incorporate active treatment
exercises into each  resident’s daily activities and how to promote normalization and
community integration.

Weekdays from 8-2 pm each resident of Bailey Care Homes attends a day program.   
The day programs are tailored to meet the needs of each individual resident.
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Bailey Care Home #1

Bailey Care Home #2
Our Staff

We have a staff of dedicated and caring people who are educated to be professional
human service providers and to be advocates for the individuals they serve.  All
employees are educated to put residents and quality care first.  We promote
relationships between residents, employees, families and our community through a
variety of events, activities and education.

If you would like information on becoming a valued member of our staffing team,
please fill out an
online application.
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Bailey Care Home #3
Bailey Care Homes #3 and  #4 Complaint Procedure:

If you have any complaints regarding Bailey Care Homes #3 or #4, please contact the
Department of Developmental Services at
www.dds.ca.gov/complaints or call them at
916-654-1987.  Bailey Care Home #3's License Number is 198601107, Bailey Care
Home #4's License Number is 198601304.

Bailey Care Home #4

Bailey Care Home #7